Background and Competence

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Established in 2013 in Hong Kong. we lead now a team of 40 people and share background and competence about manufacturing in asia.

Working with NiRoTech means…

We connect with a balance union of two cultures. Our professionals are vertically integrated through the organization. As a SME, NiRoTech is focused to 3 distinguishing factors:

  • make automation a strategic priority
  • focus on people as much as technology: consider and build the automation-related capabilities of our personnel, gather individuals’ expertise and embed it in the design of automation solutions
  • develop an operating model that enables scaling: coordination across functions is one of the elements that will have the greatest influence on automation efforts
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as a contract manufacturer, NiRoTech provides full services from development to mass production. NiRoTech is specialized in access and safety control devices for home appliances, and we are now approaching other markets such as the automotive sector.

Based on Customer Requirements

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Our Mission

We are proud to ensure ad hoc assembly services to our customers. core competence of NiRoTech is tailor made philosophy. NiRoTech cofounders in twenty years of– experience in APAC region, define and implement the most profitable supply chain according to customer’s organization and requirements.

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Assembly Growth

Since 2013, date of incorporation, NiRoTech was focused to gain visibility and appeal in the mechatronic manufacturing market sector. Our strategy was based on “being different” compared to the multitude of ems providers based in asia. We operate in Hong Kong, Vietnam and Mainland China. With an established experience in asia, we kicked off our 4.0 facility with ai, robotics and clouds.

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With our smart production we finally achieve the target: becoming the first mechatronic manufacturing smart production in Hong Kong. Key success is the partnership with our customers starting from product Industrialization phase and a worldwide well-established sourcing network.

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