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Industry 4.0 Concept

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AI & Robotics

The set up of the owl production line represents the first milestone of Hong Kong re-industrialization. Under industry 4.0, NiRoTech limited set up a new manufactory production line with five smart edges: speed, multifuction, accuracy, reliability, traceability to enhance production efficiency.

  • 1.5x Productivity
  • On-going quality improvement
  • -60% Manpower
  • 6 models for a unique production line
  • Aigile production


Made in Hong Kong is the added value that highlights the quality we pursue as our core value. It will allow us to achieve a steady business growth, not only locally on the GBA but in the whole Asean countries region.

  • Digitalization & Visualization
  • 100% traceability
  • Integration with Operation & Client Management
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